Founders and Instructors

Co-Founder and Dojo Cho – Cornelia Baumgartner, 5th Dan

I started Aikido in 1976, in Switzerland. Tada Sensei was a particularly inspiring teacher for me and I was lucky to have many amazing role models in Europe and America. In 1987, 1989 and 1992, I spent a total of five months as an uchi deshi of Saito Sensei in Iwama. I live in New Zealand, where I founded Aikido of Motueka (1987) and Nelson (1988) with my partner Martin Hartman.  We’re part of Aikido Shinryukan, the New Zealand Aikikai Organisation.

I’m a mother of two grown up sons, love dancing, singing, yoga, skiing, and am the co-founder of the Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Trust New Zealand.


Instructor and Nelson Contact Person – Callum Cockerell, Shodan

Telephone: 021 069 4211

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I started my journey in Aikido in 1995 at the Nelson Dojo under Senseis Martin Hartman and Tim Soar. In 1997 I had the privilege of attending Saito Sensei’s Sydney gasshuku which really opened my eyes to the world of Aikido.

I enjoy the budō and traditional Japanese aspects of Aikido and being able to test yourself and your body limits through physical training.

Since taking up the position of instructor, I have found a new focus and avenue to my Aikido and enjoy watching others learn and grow in Aikido just about as much as I enjoy practicing it myself.


Co-Founder and Honorary Member – Martin Hartman, 5th Dan

I began training Aikido in Switzerland 1978 under Ikeda Sensei and studied with many of the first generation Aikikai Senseis, such as Tada, Tamura and Tissier. Iwama Style became my passion after being Uchi Deshi at the Aikido Institute of Oakland. I went to Iwama several times for longer periods to study under Saito Sensei, and kept a close relationship with him until Saito Sensei’s death. We then affiliated with Aikido Shinryukan, the NZ Aikikai Organisation.

I immigrated to New Zealand in 1987, and founded the Nelson and Motueka Dojos with Cornelia Baumgartner. I am also a Senior Leader with the Kidpower organisation.