Welcome to Aikido Nelson

Aikido is a non-competitive Japanese martial art based on the principles of harmony. The Nelson club is affiliated with the international Aikikai Hombu Dojo through Shihan Nobuo Takase, 7th degree black belt (Shinryukan Dojo NZ).

Learn self-defence, be part of a small, friendly club, gain confidence, widen your spiritual horizon and/or work on your fitness, flexibility and overall health through breathing, partner exercises, wooden weapon work, and meditation practice.

Aikido is for everyone, no matter your age or size. We can tailor our training to suit our personality by making it either more martial or more art!

Visiting Aikido member from other dojos are welcome. We enjoy the chance to experience other styles and teachings.

Our Dojo (training hall) door is open Wednesdays and Fridays (except Fridays during school holidays), please pop in say hello and join us on the mat for some FUN.

First lesson is free – come and try Aikido!