Welcome to Aikido Nelson

Aikido is a martial art that allows you to learn techniques, training with a partner without fear of harm or injury and is an effective way to avoid harm when under attack without unduly injuring the attacker. Aikido is a non-competitive Japanese martial art founded on the principles of harmony.

Whether you want to learn a genuine and effective way of self-defense or you just want to be part of a club and work on your fitness, flexibility and overall health through breathing and meditation practice.

Aikido is for everyone, no matter what your age or size, everyone is able to train with each and every person and it is a non-competitive sport. We can tailor your training either more martial or more art. Either way, you decide what best suits your personality.

Learn self defense and confidence and become a better you.

Our students are trained to avoid confrontation as they have the confidence to handle conflict in a peaceful and harmonious way. If you would like the skills to defend yourself in a fun and challenging environment then Aikido Nelson is for you.

Aikido Nelson would also love to meet any Aikido member from other dojo who may be visiting our wonderful region on holiday or business, we enjoy the chance to experience other styles and teachings.

Our Dojo (training hall) door is open Wednesdays and Fridays, please pop in say hello and join us on the mat for some FUN.

First lesson is free  – so come and try Aikido